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Originally Posted by KSigMason View Post
Let's compare us. You are making up lies, spam the forum, use name calling, and really a mouth piece for hate. I'm for defending a charitable organization, posting facts, opposing hoaxes and known lies, and living an upright life for God, family, friends, and country. You dedicate your time here defaming and lying. For shame.
lets do.. what facts ???...
u are defending a corrupt satanic org that even your members are abandoning and ur great past commanders are speaking of such a satanic org.. ? are they liers, PIKE>>>>MANly ????

ALL i post is real.. FBI pedophiles.. cop pedophiles.. all is true what facts are u posting screw ball ??


1988, Des Moines, IA - Racist and sexist incidents of harassment within the P.D. provoke a series of lawsuits. In one case, two white cops tried to terrorize a Black officer by donning white robes over their uniforms.
1988, Ogden, UT. - The Ogden police hire Richard Masker, a spokesman for the racist League of Pace Amendment Advocates and the Aryan Nations, to lecture them about the far-right movement. In 1983, Masker was fired from a job with the city of Corvallis, OR for sending Hitler birthday cards to local Jews.

1989, San Bernandino, CA. - Black officers seeking promotion, become the target of harassment They find thteatening racist letters, signed by the Brotherhood of the Aryan Police Officers Association, in their lockers inside a secured area of their police station.

1989, Exter, NH - part-time officer with the local cops is fired for alleged involvement the KKK. Thomas Herman was exposed when he ran for a seat on the local Board of Selectmen. (He was !defeated).

1989, Los Angeles, CA. - Two white sheriffs deputies are suspended after burning a cross inside the County Jail with a home-made blowtorch to intimidate Sheriff Sherman Block, one of them, Deputy Brian Kazmienki, later shoots and kills a Mexican national. In1989-90, allegations surface of organized white supremacist groupings in the Sheriffs Department at the Lynwood station (the Vikings), the Peter Pitchess Jail facility (the Wayside Whities) and possibly East L.A. (the Cavemen).

1990, Boisie, ID. - Two Army Rangers from Ft Lewis are called to testify at the trial of their associate Bob Winslow, an ex-Ranger discharged in February from Fort Lewis, who then joined the Aryan Nations. Winslow and two others are convicted of plotting to bomb a gay bar, jewish temple, and Korean businesses in Seattle, WA.

1990, Oak Harbor, WA. -Three Navy men are arrested for burning a cross in the wake of the civil trial of racist Tom Metzger for the death of an Ethiopian refugee. The three are attached to the Whibey Island Naval Air Station, (Whidbey Island is where racist leader Bob Mathews was killed in a shootout, and has been a site of a pilgrimage by neo-nazis who support Mathews' strategy for exterminationist race war).

1990, Fort Worth, TX. - Sgt Tim Hall is dismissed from the Tarrant County sheriffs department after it is revealed that he is secretly "J. D, Calhoun," the kleagle or chief recruiter of the local Klan, Hall's exposure leads to the firing of two other sheriffs department employees and 6 of his fellow military police at Carswell AF base. Hall later tries to get a job with a department in Century, Flofida, but is forced out after Dallas papers report on his background. Hall had previously been with the police in Santa Rosa, CA.

1990, Cambridge, MA. - Tech Sgt Hank Stram of the Air National Guard is arrested with a cache of more than 500 weapons, 50,000 rounds of ammunition, a mortar, an anti-tank gun, a rocket launcher, a swastika poster and nazi and survivalist propaganda.

1991: In Los Angeles and San Francisco, CA and in Blakely, Georgia, Klan activity is uncovered inside the fire department. In S.F. there is harassment of Black firefighters; in LA., a fire captain dons a Klan type hood to intimidate a Black woman employee, and most of the Black firefighters quit the union when it supports the captain; in Georgia, local Black residents win a Settlement in a law suit brought after the fire chiefs affiliation with the Klan is disclosed by anti-klan organizers.

1991, Los Angeles, CA. - In the wake of the beating of Rodney King by police from the L.A.P.D.'s Foothill Division, it is disclosed that an organized Klan faction was operating at the Foothill station. At least two Black officers, a man and a woman, had been harassed and received Klan calling cards in locked areas of the station. Following disclosures that a para?military Klan faction with cioso ties to Tom Metzger has been attempting to recruit L.A. cops, Chief Daryl Gates assigns the Anti-Terrorist Division to investigate, but as of this writing, no results have been made public

1991, FT. Bragg, NC. - Mike Tubbs, Warrant Officer Jeff Jennett and two civilians are arrested for stealing and stockpiling military weapons. Tubbs was brought back from Saudi Arabia to face charges. The four were part of a group called Knights of the New Order with plans to attack Blacks and Jews.

1991, Indianapolis, IN. - Officer Wayne Sharp, a member of the Nazi party who had attended Nazi meetings in Illinois and Virginia, and rounded a party cell in his home town, shot and killed a Black shoplifting suspect. In 1981, Sharp had killed a Black burglary suspect and had been briefly suspended. He has been involved in other shooting incidents as well during his 18-year career on the force. It was disclosed that as local leader of the Nazis, he had sent harassing letters to Jewish organizations.

1991, Beverly Hills, CA. - Scott Dafoe, an off-duty white cop and three body-building buddies from NY are charged with the brutal gay-bashing of a Latino man outside a West Hollywood restaurant.

1991, Alameda, CA. - Four white police officers are suspended after a check of mobile data transmissions turns Up "jokes" about killing a nigger and wearing Klan robes. They are eventually let off with a slap on the wrist. It is later disclosed that the city destroyed the tapes rather than turn them over in a lawsuit by two bars charging the cops with bias.

1991, San Francisco, CA. - The chaplain of the S.F.P.D. is exposed as an activist in the anti-?abortion movement who has led prayer revivals for Operation Rescue.

1991, Northridge, CA. - Then LA. Police Chief Daryl Gates agrees to attend a rally sponsored by Students for America, the youth group of Pat Robertson's Christian. crusade. The chapter had also been involved in local Populist Party organizing. (The Populists are a nazi-front group which ran David Duke for president).

1992, Los Angeles, CA. - Garland Hatrdeman, a Black cop who had been ostracized and verbally abused by fellow officers since testifying about racism in the LAPD to the Cllristoper Commission, finds a chalk outline in front of his locker like those at homicide scenes, with the indication of two bullets to the head. A police spokesman says "it is too early to characterize it as a threat."

1992, Merriville, IN. - The chief of police and a deputy are suspended after making racist slurs.

1992, Savannah, GA. - Three soldiers from Ft Stewart are arrested for the racially motivated killing of a Black man. Residents believe that a white supremacist ring may be operating on the base.

1992, Chicago, IL. - A firefighter and his brother are arrested for shooting at their Puerto Rican neighbor. Nazi paraphenaiia and massive quantities of weapons, ammo andexplosives are found in their home

1992, Iannet, AL. - A review board upholds the city's dismissal of two officers who taunted a prisoner with racial Slurs and made him wear a Klan hood.

1992, Denver, CO. - Two sheriffs deputies. one white and one Latino, dress up in Klan robes in an attempt to intimidate Black inmates at the jail. In another incident, a cop flashes a KKK hand sign at Chicanas on their way to protest a Klan rally. Meanwhile, the army issues a ban to prevent active duty personnel from attending the rally.

1992, Grovetown, GA. - Scott Lowe, the former fire chief, who had been exposed as the grand titan of the Christian Knights Klan, is arrested for having burned a cross in 1987 outside a Black famlly's. home.

1992, Boynton Beach, FL. - Officer Dave Demarest, fired from the force for flaunting a swastika tattoo at a Jewish woman officer and several other cops, seeks reinstatement by claiming that racism and' nazism were widespread and accepted in the department He presents a pnoto ot two officers dressed as Nazis which had been posted in the deputy chiefs office.

1992, Ft. Benning, GA. - Police arrest Klan leader Bill Riccio and several Confederate Hammer Skins and Aryan National Front members for possession of military weapons and explosives at an Aryan Fest racist rock concert. Further arrests of military personnel are expected at the base.

1993, Dallas, TX. - The Christian fundamentalist sheriff opens a special, plush section of the jail reserved for born-again Christian inmates, and off-limits to the press and lawyers for other inmates. Even after the sheriff is removed for other illegalities, his successor, also a fundamentalist Christian, continues the practice,

1993, Washington, D.C. - In separate incidents, gangs of sailors are involved in a gay bashing and the murder of a gay sailor, apparently in response to efforts to lift the ban on openly gay or lesbian service-members.

1993, Paterson, NJ. - A cop is busted for dealing in illegal weapons with a undercover officer in a sting Operation. An extensive weapons cache, nazi paraphenalia and white supremacist material is found in his home. This string of incidents makes it clear that organized, violence-prone white supremactsts, who make up a small fringe element of society at large, are much better represen!eu in tne ranks of law enforcement and the military. This is no accident The ideology of law enforcement, the "us against them" mentality which guides their daily lives and contacts with the public, makes police susceptible to white racist preachings. The police - even if polite, respectful and individually not personal racists -. carry out a suppress tnreats to the hierarchy of the state and society which leaves Black people and other people of color on the bottom. Organized white supremacists within police forces find fertile soil for the argument that democratic and egalitarian values and concern for human civil rights hem them in needlessly and are only so much hypocrisy that interferes with cops' ability to protect themselves and get tough on crime. Posted in

I found this two-part post on the pol-abuse discussion list to be
a great interest. I believe that the incidents described here are only a
sampling of the total degree of Klan and neo-fascist inflitration of the
nation's police forces. Similiar reports of neo-fascist infiltration of
the military, particular the National Guard, have been surfacing for
It can't happen here
No No it can't happen here
Everybody's safe and it can't happen here
No freaks for us, and it can't happen here
Everybody's clean and it can't happen here
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Telling you again, it won't happen here
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no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no
Man, you guys are really safe, everything's cool...

-- Frank Zappa

Subject: Kops & Klan, Hand in Hand? Chron.

1976, Camp Pendleton, CA. - A den of David Duke's Knights of the KKK (led in the state by Tom Metzger) is exposed at the Marine base. The Corps disperses the members to other locations after racial fighting erupts,

1976, Ventura, CA. - A KKK gathering in a local bar is exposed and photographed. Several local police officers are identified among the participants

1977-78, Napanoch, NY: A KKK klavern is exposed.among prison guards and inmates at a NY state prison. Earl Schoonmaker, a civilian instructor at the prison, and guard Glen Wilkinson incorporated the Independent Northern Klans in the sate. Guard brutality leads to a rebellion by the prisoners.

1979, Sacramento, CA. - Pistol targets depicting a fleeing Black man are placed on the State Police firing range and on several police Iocker's The targets award points for hitting various parts of the Black man's anatomy.

1979, Childersburg, AL. - Police Officer William Rayfield, a Klan member, is indicted for, but acquitted of, civil rights violations for shots fired into Black leaders' homes.

1979, Euless, TX - Klan members from FT Hood army base; dressed in combat fatigues, stand guard with weapons over a nearby Klan rally.

1979, U.S.S. Concord, Independence, America - Klan groups of Bill Wilkinson's invisible Empire form on several navy vessels, holding a cross burning on the America, wearing robes on the Independence and provoking racial incidents on the Concord, based in Norfolk, VA. Wilkinson, a former member of naval Intelligence, is later exposed as a long time FBI operative.

1980, San Diego, CA. - The police department, through a reserve officer assigned undercover to the KKK, provides funds radio equipment, and help in gathering ballot signatures to qualify Klan leader Tom Metzger for a run for Congress. (Metzger won the Democratic nomination but lost the general election). Later, the agency destroys all their files and gives the FBI a chronology actually prepared by Metzger himself.

1980, New Britain, CT - Auxiliary cop Gary Picotanno is exposed as the local Grand Dragon of the invisible Empire of the KKK. He obtains a gun permit because of his police auxiliary status.

1980, Houston, TX. - White prison inmates, fighting a court integration order detailing the racist and brutal operations of the Texas prisons, form a group called Advocates of the Ku Klux Klan, with the support of the local Klan and sympathetic white prison guards and officials. Klan robes are found in a guard's locker.

1981, Frankfurt Germany -The U.S. Army hires Gene Neill, a convicted drug smuggler and gun runner who has become an open member of the Invisible Empire KKK, and who's writing a regular column for its newspaper, The Klansman, after his early release from prison. Neill, who styles himself an evangelist, is assigned by the chaplain's office of the Army's V Corps to preach to the troops.

1981, Fort Monroe, VA. - Five members of the 560th Military Police Company are reassigned when their membership in the KKK becomes public.

1982, Signal Hill, CA. - Four cops from the local agency near Long Beach, which is under fire for the beatings and killings of Black people, are suspended for wearing shirts showing a gallows, a hangman s noose, and the words, "Signal Hill, Stairway to Heaven." The officers bought the shirts at a camp-out of cops sponsored by the Southern California Memorial Peace Officers Association. The shirts were sold by an ex~cop from another department to more than two dozen officers from various agencies. The Signal Hill chief protects the identity of the other officers and departments involved.

1982, Pritchard, AL. - Off-duty police Sgt. Bob Morris is seen putting up KKK placards on a city street. (He is fired from the force for "conduct unbecoming an officer").

1982, Meridian, CT. - Joseph Hard, the public leader of the KKK in Connectituct is identified as a prison guard just before a "National White Christian Solidarity Day" rally he organized, featuring Bill Wilkinson. Pressure from the anti-klan movement forces the state to fir him for organizing white guards and prisoners into the Klan.

1983, North Carolina - White supremacists organize among white inmates and prison guards. Glenn Milier's Confederate Knights of the KKK burn a cross outside the home of Bobby Person, a Black prison guard who was trying to win a promotion and became the target of harassment.

1983, Richmond, CA. - The Cowboys, an organized white supremacist group in the Richmond police force, is exposed after two of its members are involved in the killing of at least two Black man. At one point, the Cowboys even wore cowboy hats and boots while on patrol. The group circulates a flyer showing a white hunter grinning over a dead deer with the caption, "choke hold, good for killing big bucks," after a Black man is strangled to death by four guards inside the Richmond jail.

1983, Chicago, IL - In an effort to defeat Black mayoral candidate Harold Washington, the cops form "Police for Epton" (the white Republican). They wear plain white buttons or buttons with a circled watermelon with a slash through it. The white cops circulate racist flyers, and conduct a plan for massive arrests in Black neighborhoods on the eve of the election, which is derailed at the last minute after being exposed by the Black press

1983, Los Angeles, CA. - An uproar develops over spying by the Public Disorder Intelligence Unit, (the, L.A.P.D.'s "red squad", which maintained surveillance and dossiers on many of the leading civic and political figures in the city, including opponents of police brutality). With the approval of superior officers, a lieutenant in the unit takes files home that were supposed to be destroyed under court order. He funnels materials to the domestic espionage apparatus of the Western Goals Founadation, an extremist right wing ontfit run by the head of the John Birch Society, with ties to the racist, anti-semitic World anti-Communist League.

1984, Battle Creek, MI. - Larry Guy, Black leader of the Coalition to End Police Brutality and Racism is the target of a series of Gestapo raids by the police, and grand jury indictments. Guy, who had earlier exposed links between the local cops and the Klan, including a 1980 cross-burning at a Coalition member's home, is arrested along with his son. Then another cross is burned on the lawn of another Coalition member.

1985, Louisville, KY. - Alex Young, a 13 year veteran with the Jefferson County police, long active with the Klan,is fired after admitting that he had "probably" accessed the National Criminal information Computer on behalf of the KKK on non-police business. Young, who had widely distributed Klan propaganda to people who knew he was a cop, is exposed when a Black family victimized by a racist arson brought suit. Young is forced to reveal the identities of police members of a Klan chapter he had formed in the department, called COPS (Confederate Officers Patriot Squad) but a court order keeps their names secret from the public,

1986, St. Pauls, NC. - Active duty Marines from Camp Lejeune and soldiers from Fort Bragg engage in para-military training with the KKK and the White Patriot Party, an armed racist group.

1986, Chicago, IL. - Black FBI Agent Donald Rochon sues the Burcau. He is the target of harassment and death threats from white agents in the field office. His wife receives KKK type material and threats. (Rochon ultimately wins $1 million in a settlement of the suit he brings against the agency. ironically, Rochon when with the LA.P.D. had infiltrated, spied on and disrupted Black community groups opposing racist police brutality such as the killing of Eula Love).

1987, Canton, OH. - Jewish police officer Steve Silver finds a poster of Adolph Hitler stuck on the wall of the lockerroom in the police department.

1987, Los Angeles, CA. - Assistant Chief Robert Vernon, a fundamentalist minister, is disclosed to be recruiting hundreds of born again Christians from the department to his church. Vernon earns a substantial second income selling right-wing Christian books and tapes, and all his staff people at the police department are born again. Vernon is later caught accessing the department's computer to provide information abotut Michael Zinzun, a former Black Panther running for office in Pasadena, to a right-wing candidate. supported by his wife.

1988, Youngstown, PA. - Former Police Chief David Gardner is indicted for providing armed security to white supremacist James Wickstrom, head of the Posse Comitatus, as part of a scheme to produce counterfeit U.S. currency to finance the racist movement.
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