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Default Re: Seems a Thank You Might Be in Order!

Originally Posted by theconspiracist View Post offense, but if you knew you were doing this for free of charge? What were you expecting in return? A pat on the back? I mean, I would have done this for free, just for the sake of "enjoying good company". But it seems to me that you're just complaining that you didn't get everything you wanted for Christmas. lol (j/k)
No offense, pal, but I wouldn't allow you to moderate CC free of charge and/or for compensation because you're not qualified; however, I am and I moderate this board FREE OR CHARGE due to my passion for the various subject matters contained within and I expect neither a pat on the back or compensation for same.

I have nothing but deep regard and respect for Sanjay Sabini, Mizfish and all those connected to CC for allowing me this opportunity.

FYI, you might have a Christmas "wish list," but I don't.

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