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Default Re: Seems a Thank You Might Be in Order!

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
No offense, pal, but I wouldn't allow you to moderate CC free of charge and/or for compensation because you're not qualified; however, I am and I moderate this board FREE OR CHARGE due to my passion for the various subject matters contained within and I expect neither a pat on the back or compensation for same.

I have nothing but deep regard and respect for Sanjay Sabini, Mizfish and all those connected to CC for allowing me this opportunity.

FYI, you might have a Christmas "wish list," but I don't.
You don't expect a pat on the back or compensation, but you created this thread asking for a thank you. Typically people are given compensation, respect, admiration, or a pat on the back when their peers and superiors feel they have earned one. While the squeaky wheel may get the grease, no one misses the squeak when it's gone.
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