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Default Re: Seems a Thank You Might Be in Order!

Originally Posted by brice_fallsteen View Post
You don't expect a pat on the back or compensation, but you created this thread asking for a thank you. Typically people are given compensation, respect, admiration, or a pat on the back when their peers and superiors feel they have earned one. While the squeaky wheel may get the grease, no one misses the squeak when it's gone.
I didn't ask for a thank you.

I said a thank you might be in order.

There is a difference.

Learn it.

Neither did I ask for compensation or a pat on the back.

I have all the respect and admiration I need from Mizfish, Sanjay Sabini and my peers.

However, that's not what this thread is about, but appears to me this is what you want to make it about.

FYI, Sanjay Sabini, Mizfish or anyone else connected with CC are not my superiors.

That would be what you think and your thinking would be wrong.

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