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Default Re: Nakedsnake calling all Masons.....

Ahmad wrote: there is no clear evidence that the Freemasons as an organization are, why then should we uphold conjecture and guesswork?
In 1789 John Robison in England and Abbe Baurrell in France, both wrote book long exposes concerning the infaltration and manipulation of the Craft, by Adam Wieshauhaupt's Illuminati.
They go the information from the Illuminati's own writings.
Historical fact.

The Craft at least the Scottish Rite claims responsibility for the main Occultic modern day movements.

The occult revival of the 20th century can be directly attributed to Freemasonry and its peripheral entourage of acolytes: Theosophy, the New Age Movement, Satanism, Cabalistic Black Magic, Enochian Magic, Gerardian Wicca, Alexandrian Wicca and Sex Magic.

The Masonic lodge P2 was involved in assasination, banking scandals, terrorist acts and the like..Fact.

Are all Masons evil and occultic, NO.
Are all Christians crusaders, no.
Are all Muslims Wahabists. no.
Are all Jews Zionist. no.
But there is concern over the Craft, and what is secrecy has been used for centuries. And that Ahmad is not conjecture or guesswork.
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