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Default Re: being out of control

Peace be upon you,

I will tell you something but perhaps most people nowadays are not in a state of mind to believe it!

The cause of disease is not microbs, viruses or even the ozone layer. There is a single cause for all disease, one that all the messengers knew, Jesus used this knowledge to cure people.

The problem with modern medicine is beating around the bush, they treat everything except that single cause. The philosophy behind most of the practices of modern medicine is also flawed, for example, when you feel pain, the doctor gives you a pain KILLER instead of healing the cause of the pain.

When someone gets cancer, modern medicine cuts the infected area, again KILLING living tissues!

I see no difference in this new fashion of using electricity and zappers for it still KILLS the microbs instead of treating the cause of the disease!!

So what do i suggest?

Matthew [9:32] While they were going out, a man who was demon-possessed and could not talk was brought to Jesus.

Matthew [9:33] And when the demon was driven out, the man who had been mute spoke. The crowd was amazed and said, "Nothing like this has ever been seen in Israel."

Some people might think that this is a fairy tale that couldn't be duplicated, since Jesus had superhuman powers!

All Jesus had was faith, Jesus knew that the Human body is designed to be operated by the Human being, but since God appoints a Jinn-companion with every Human to test him, most people fail to control this Jinn-companion and the result is a distortion of the balance of God's creation.

Imagine a car with the tyre and the steering wheel switched! can it move? the atmosphere around us is full of millions of parasites, microbs and all sorts of viruses, the fact that a dead body decomposes so quickly after the soul departs proves that, it is the same when the Human soul is not in Full charge of the body, when the Human leaves the steering wheel to his Jinn companion, thus violating his covenant with God (which is not to worship or serve the Jinns).

If you take a couple of steps back, you would see the big picture, that all diseases are the same, cancer is no different than catching a cold!, why more people die from cancer? because of the vicious propaganda demonizing it! which already convinces the majority of cancer patients to lose hope even before they take the first dose of radiation!

So do i say that there is no need for modern medicine? no, there will always be a need for healing burns, fractures..etc, but as for the internal diseases that result from the spiritual-imbalance it can't be cured except by returning to God, asking Him alone for help, and most of all reclaiming your position as the sole captain of your body and mind.

The body is equipped already with a magnificent team of doctors, it is just that we don't give them enough chance/time to do their work, chemicals hinder the immune system from working.

So what i say is that step one is conquering fear, reaching certainty that only God can harm or benefit, not Jesus, Muhammad or the saints, not any doctor can. Then after achieving this level of total dependence and trust in God, one may use the Quranic recommendation of using Honey to activate the immune system (honey is the only cure mentioned in Quran, and God emphasizes His command to the bees to roam the earth collecting specific ingredients in accordance with His prescription).

Also one more thing, alcohol and intoxicants are Satan's trojan horses, they open the gates infront of the Jinn-devils to take control of our minds and bodies. So simply put, a patient who is cured from cancer by the traditional ways (radiation and chemo) may very quickly get it again because of not healing the original cause which is Transgression, obsession, fears..etc and ofcourse forgetting God.

God willing more coming on my website.
God\'s alternative, USN

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