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Originally Posted by theconspiracist View Post
Ok, Brice...correct me if I am wrong, but I don't believe that Jesse was the first to "alert" the media, and most American people about the fact (or theories) on the substantial evidence. There were many before him. I think he just "stole" it for publicy and used it to his benefit for his show. It's like me telling you one thing, and make it so believeable, then you (in general) take that, and use in other forms. Meaning, you "steal" it from me, and use for your own pleasure demise. That is what he does. I don't believe much into Jesse Ventura. To me, the former governor wanted pretty much to "if you can't fight them, you may as well as join them" approach. And, make a "show" out of it. You think he would ever surive an episode of "Suvivor"? I doubt it. He's just a showbiz, trying to make some dough. Just like everyone else in that spectrum (or in that field). JMO
Awesome, I appreciate your opinion on the guy. I watched the fema/deathcamp/population control episode and it spurred me to start watching more and reading on the internet about a variety of theories. I'll watch it for entertainment and take it with a grain of salt :-)

I certainly won't argue that he throws a lot of showbiz in it, and I would assume getting sponsors and making a buck are high on his list of things to do.
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