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Default The Internet are full of Lie$!

"NO planes hit the WTC - the TV coverage was a complete computer
fabrication (watch parts 2 and 3 of the interview which covers this).
As a result, the Americans demolished WTC1 and 2 as the mini nukes would
cause less destruction than if the explosions were at ground level
rather than high up in the skyscrapers."

From what I read from many books as I was doing some researching, was the fact, it was some sort of "missile" that was attached underneath the nose part of the plane. Meaning, it was attempted to make it look like when the plane was to hit the WTC Tower I and II, the "missile" would disintegrate the steel rods that were holding those towers. I don't think that a plane alone could have melted those steel frames, and blow the whole top floors of the towers (meaning the 99th through the 110th floors) alone. The "missile" was supposed to have acted like a decoy, and make it "look" like the plane's fuel engine would blow up on impact, and melt those steel beams. JMO
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