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Default Re: My post was edited by Morbid Desire

Originally Posted by Dangermouse View Post
You still don't get it? It's not that complicated. You claim someone is editing your post. No one has edited your post but you. There's no little footnote saying that it was edited by so and so at such and such time.

Here is what happened. He created a new post, and quoted your comments. He edited those comments on HIS post to put forth his own information in regards to the limited number of things you were discussing. It's pretty common practice on most forums.

I didn't see anything in the Terms of Service agreement that labels his action as a ban worthy offense. Could you please point it out?
Excuse me, but don't come onto this forum claiming that no one has edited my posts but me.

I have documented that my post was edited by someone other than myself and than quoted as if I had written the same when I did not.

We don't tolerate that here at CC.

It may happen on other forums, according to you, but we don't allow it here on CC.

Here are the terms of service on Club Conspiracy.

Any member can be banned for any reason or for no reason at all.

That includes you.

Are we clear?

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