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Default Re: Seems a Thank You Might Be in Order!

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
Oh, so sorry that I appear to be angry to you.


Accept my apology.

I'll try to be that which you want me to be.

Just let me know how you want me to act and behave.


We are so glad that you wouldn't want to be a moderator because we wouldn't want you to be a moderator especially because you are such an angry person.
Huh? "Such an angry person"? Where did that ever come from? I never thought or said, I was ever angry.
Blue, I don't think any of my threads or comments ever suggested I was ever angry. I don't have room to be angry. I just wonder why some people in this forum seem to be, though. It's forum. We may say things "out of line" or whatever, but its a forum. Discussions sometimes get abit "heated". But they are mostly opinions. Just like your's.
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