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The Nazi doctors/scientists who were ushered into this country under Project Paperclip after WWII, were war criminals, responsible for the grotesque abuse of millions of JEWS in concentration camps, but Allen Dulles, along with others, against the President's orders, provided safe-haven for hundreds of them here on American soil.

They were trophied to the American people and the world as rocket scientists, etc. and so be it, but they also continued their experimentation on unwitting and unwilling American citizens under MKULTRA/ARTICHOKE/BLUEBIRD, etc. (mind control programs) at NASA and various military air force bases/hospitals around the country and at McGill University in Canada.

This tells me one thing. Our government knew what these fascist/Nazi pigs were subjecting their victims to in Germany and what they learned and what they were able to accomplish in millions of JEWS was fear and anxiety through trauma-based torture.

They were smuggled here so they could continue with their research on individuals and groups in America. Affecting the brain chemistry of a population is their goal. Learning this through decades of experimentation on innocent men, women and children. Applying mind control to the masses. Putting a country/world to sleep.

Again, fear and anxiety cause society to look to their leaders for protection and, therefore, a transference of power occurs.

Creating fear through war, tension and poverty throughout various parts of the world for centuries, keeping different religious groups angry with one another. Arming them. Distraction is key.

Fighting to survive and here, too, we are in America.

Causing America to feel divided with the creation of the red and blue states. Maybe the next division will be a line right through the middle and there will be an East and West America. Perhaps, the reason for base closings??

Rumsfeld said the base closings were due to a different war. We are fighting extremists. Oh, yeah!! Where? If so, better reason to keep them opened.

They experimented with food additives, flouride, poisons from plants found in the rain forest. They used LSD in their search for "truth serums," testing out interrogation techniques. These men were capable of creating mental illnesses in their victims.

They will continue to introduce new technologies to keep us pre-occupied 24/7. Fast moving images on television. All to accomplish a lack of concentration, perhaps ADD or ADHD. Inability to concentrate causes a lack of cognitive and critical thinking skills.
They drill information into our children's brains in school without allowing them to develop their own minds. In addition, the history books are WRONG!!!

If they could alter and/or create a mental illness in a child/adult in a mind control program through trauma, etc., could this then be passed on from generation to generation not through the altering of a gene, but through the learned behavior of one's environment.

If they could accomplish this then they could accomplish the larger picture which, of course, was to inflict us with "mental diseases," etc. and then DRUG US. Again, altering our brain chemistry even further.

This, of course, accomplished through fear, trauma, anxiety on a wide-scale through terrorist attacks, the "threat" of terrorist attacks. The threat of flying on a jet.

Certainly, Zoloft, etc. has caused more than enough suicides and why, why do we turn to our doctors for medication for our children when they are just trying to deal with life?

They don't know what causes ADD, but they have a stimulant which is prescribed (SPEED)!!!

The CIA helps to addict children to drugs at a young age and keep them that way.

So, basically, traumatize a generation (my generation), JFK, CUBA, hiding under our desks, Robert Kennedy, etc., etc. The constant threat of Nuclear War.

Traumatize our children with school shootings, 911, anthrax, AIDS (which I have no doubt they created).

Distract men with SEX and brainwash them to believe that they can't perform without Viagra.

Make women/young girls believe that they have no place in the world other than to be attractive to men. PERFECT. Plastic surgery, etc.

Make women believe that to be a caretaker of her husband and children is menial work.
The break-up of families ripping apart the very core of society through the feminist movement.

Demoralize women in the name of men and sex. Continue to portray women as nothing more than sex objects without a brain.

In otherwords, take away our time through technology, keep us addicted to drugs, alter our brain chemistry, etc. so that we don't have time and or the energy to become politically involved or to research and UNMASK these men for what they truly are.

81% of the people believe that the JFK assassination was a CONSPIRACY.

So, we're not all paranoid.

Maybe the seven signs leading up to World War III and America as a third world country.

Virus in China
Black outs (should have been rolling)
Rob us at the gas pumps
What is the seventh???

All of these signs preceeded the stock market crash!!

In Peace,
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