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Default Re: Masonitis has gone viral

Im here to EXPOSE.. U go and chase facts to disprove. U get it U go and disprove instead of garbble .. state ur true facts, positive facts about the freemasons.. My facts are on center...
when should the dumb viewers, as u think, disbelive anything i say. its written.. not by me. by ur own.. u are a total dumb ass porch monkey.
go on searching for ur light. lol.. when u find it.....then maybe, u will kick BAAL out of ur !!!!!

Remember the remark

Now we all see u for what u are.. when i posted the shriner article and the fact that 50,000 christians were killed, u said, VIVA freemasonry....

Now ,that said.. u think viewers are going to think what a nice mason, baby mason u are ??
hardly, u underestimate the brain of a 2 yr.old that sees u.. they say, go lee daddy, that cry baby is a weird one !!!! and brice, even stranger. 2 wackoos , they ought to outlaw ding bats from posting garbage, jabber

Ur lover awaits

smile for baal !!

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