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Default Re: Free info on the mason's codes/numbers part 2

Originally Posted by JBoy View Post
WHEN MASONIC COMMANDERS, AUTHORS....90 DEGREE MASONS, 33RD MASONS .. They are all wrong and u are correct. a NOBODY FROM NOWHERE>> Who are u trying to fool a child of 3 ???
u are one dumb ass

Originally Posted by brice_fallsteen View Post
There are several threads where Jboy has posted multiple things that i assume copied off of google...I'm not sure what any of it has to do with freemasonry though. Or if he has any substantial evidence to back it up. Doing a quick search it looked like he just posted the first few pages he found.

Those people may tell a somewhat entertaining story, and even believe it, but there was a time people believed the world was flat...didn't make it true...

WTF kind of statement is this???

i might add. this is the most dumb ass statement i have ever heard.
google directs u to websites. u cant copy pages on google..i guess u could. what the hell are u ?? stupid !!!!...for ur information.. google gives wbsites..on these websites are articles,stories... and for ur amazement some of these people just might be telling the truth. all millions cant be wrong. especially ex masons, phd.,masters...doctors...go back to flying kites.
tell ur mom to educate u..

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