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Default Re: Police Chiefs, Internet Escort Sting and Mayan Calendar 2012

according to ex FBI agent Machine West:
There are thousands of law enforcement who enter into law enforcement just to carry on there sick homosexual cravings for little boys. i ve seen as many as 30 on a police force, ofcourse, all are masons and are protected from being caught.Masonic judges, if they are arrested, just let them go..
The whole internet is polluted with pedophile law enforcement pretending to to be on the look out, what a joke, for child molesters. HOWEVER, they, the law enforcement are the ones doing the perversions.
over 100 billion $$$ spent on porno, online, and very seldom do u hear of anyone being caught... porno, drugs.. ?? when ...where.. u hardly ever hear anymore... WHY ??? i think u know the answer.

You see, the criminal law enforcement has all the tools to spy on little boys and girls..

They will have there day. ...Most of the criminal activity u will never hear about commited by dirty cops...its there.. plenty.. with all thwe pedophiles.

Masons are no 1 in in children... boy scouts.....moley....rainbow girls.....cubs.....shriners....

so i misspelll,who gives a rats ass. the truth comes in all words........SB or BS..

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