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Default Re: Masonic Shriners Pedophile Pigs

When Karen Tumbleson’s son Caleb needed treatment for a bilateral clubfoot, she realized that care wouldn’t be easy. "When Caleb was an infant, we sometimes struggled with our insurance company because they would want to define certain treatments as cosmetic or optional. Caleb has always been an active kid and getting the best treatment didn't seem optional." Her sister in law had once worked with Shriners Hospital for Children in Tampa and suggested that Tumbleson contact them for help. She did, and today Caleb is thriving in treatment.

Shriners Hospital for Children in Tampa is one of 22 Shriners hospitals nationwide. The Tampa facility is a 60-bed pediatric hospital, research and teaching center that provides medical, surgical and rehabilitative care to children with orthopaedic conditions such as scoliosis, cerebral palsy, hand disorders, leg and limb discrepancies and a variety of other afflictions. Children up to age 18 are eligible for care if they can reasonably benefit from services, and ability to pay or insurance coverage is never considered.

“SHC-Tampa is an incredible resource to families for health care in the state of Florida for pediatric/orthopaedic expertise," says Beth Demas, RN, Director of Public Relations for the hospital. “It provides a unique opportunity for children to receive high quality medical care at no cost.”

Shriners Hospital for Children believes that a child’s care can only be successful with the involvement of his or her family. “They do a lot of family activities to give patients motivation to get up and move around the room and around campus,” says Karen. “They’re very good with education in general and making sure you understand what’s going on.”

“We’re a family-centered environment,” adds Demas. “It’s very important to provide that support. One parent can always stay in the patient’s room, and we also have a parent center – a separate area with washing machines, kitchens and other facilities, almost like a little hotel room to make it easier for families to cook a special meal or bring in the comforts of home.”

The good that Shriners does reaches well beyond the doors of its Tampa facility, as the Tumbleson family can attest. "Shriner's has cared for Caleb and asked nothing in return," says Karen. "We trust them and are grateful for the care they have provided. We haven't had to fight for a thing."

The biggest benefit is in the change she’s seen in her son. "Caleb has never complained about how his feet get tired and often ache from normal exertion. But he's really excited about how his current treatment will help him play longer and harder without pain."

To make a donation or submit a fundraising
idea, you can contact Shriners Hospital for
Children in Tampa at (813) 972-2250
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