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Default Re: Masonic Shriners Pedophile Pigs

Freemasonry vs. Round Table

Freemasonry is not a harmless organisation and cannot in any way be compared to Round Table/Rotary. Freemasonry exists to promote the interests of Freemasons themselves, not for the benefits of others. Money given to outside charities by freemasons is given grudgingly, as a sop to it's many critics. I was formerly Charity Steward for a masonic district, overseeing Charitable aspects of 26 lodges. Believe me, I was instructed by senior masons to direct only the smallest amounts possible to non-masonic organisations. I left after some twelve years, finally persuaded that Freemasonry , in general, is not for the common good, and some degrees, Holy Royal Arch, Rose Croix, in particular, are blashemous and dangerous.
Some members view Freemasonry as more important than family or career; it is rather pathetic to see such misguided men parading around the lodge room, full of authority but having made little or no impact on the real world.There are many sad, pompous little pricks amongst it's members.

Round Table (of which I was a member, many years ago) is a fun organisation, typically for hard living young professionals who want to give somrthing back whilst enjoying themselves in a sometimes boisterous fashion. However, they are not a self help organisation, they are focussed on others and what help they can give. It is above all a practical organisation, more akin to painting Alms Houses than dressing in archaic aprons and conducting bizarre ceremonies.

I think that at the top (32nd and 33rd gegree level,) Freemasonry is dangerously influential in our society, especially in the Police Force and Insurance. Masonic lodges are awash with them!
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