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Default Re: Masonic Shriners Pedophile Pigs

Originally Posted by JBoy View Post
I said all masons are whores, what u gonna do ??
get it, cry baby ???
Laugh at your childish games.

I am Christian as well. Maybe I'm not the Christian you want me to be, but then again I wouldn't want to be associated with creatures like you. Pike wrote some interesting books, which I've actually read through and through. But what was in his book was his opinion and research. Every symbol can have a million interpretations depending on the knowledge of the viewer; there is never a set, exclusive interpretation.

Originally Posted by JBoy View Post
my little girl wanted to know why the horns on this
I don't know. Ask the artist who drew it. Any idiot can make an image and post it on the web. Is Moses not depicted with horns?

You have a child?! That poor thing.

Originally Posted by JBoy View Post
Freemasonry exists to promote the interests of Freemasons themselves, not for the benefits of others.
Please tell that to a recipient of Masonic charity.

Originally Posted by JBoy View Post
Money given to outside charities by freemasons is given grudgingly, as a sop to it's many critics.
Not true.

Originally Posted by JBoy View Post
I was formerly Charity Steward for a masonic district, overseeing Charitable aspects of 26 lodges. Believe me, I was instructed by senior masons to direct only the smallest amounts possible to non-masonic organisations.
You were a Mason??? If you were, what Lodge did you join and what are the dates? What district in what state? Who was the DDGM? Who was the MWGM? Can anyone actually confirm this?

No Mason should put the Fraternity above their family. That is repugnant.

Originally Posted by JBoy View Post
I think that at the top (32nd and 33rd gegree level,) Freemasonry is dangerously influential in our society, especially in the Police Force and Insurance. Masonic lodges are awash with them!
Masons come from all walks of life. Most policeman are honorable servants.
"Quia tu lucerna mea Domine et Domine inluminabis tenebras meas."
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