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Default Re: Masonitis has gone viral

Originally Posted by JBoy View Post
How did I know that a base commander can bust ur ass ??
They will investigate anything that is given to them..its military law..

Hello !!!!..U are not military either...

now, what is this criminal saying to YOU !!!!
What base am I on? Who is my base commander? I'm discussing non-military topics so the military has no worry in my discussions. It is fascinating that you are trying to hinder my posting. My 9-year service says I am in the military. You are delusional and unbalanced.

You're a criminal?

Originally Posted by JBoy View Post
SURE they care, U represent the US military.. .U can spit on the sidewalk and if someone complains, u will be called... lot of hassle and a mark.......??

U are a Fake mason...what is he saying ???
Who the hell cares?

"Ignorance breeds fear, fear breeds hate and hate breeds violence."
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