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Default Re: Banned Again By ATS (Above Top Secret)

Originally Posted by TheSkepticGuy View Post
You're being dishonest with that statement.

There are a total of 22 warnings (related to removed posts) from our staff where your posting activity has not been in compliance with our rather simple rules of decorum and civility. Additionally, there are 47 separate member complaints about the tonality and rudeness within your posts.

Oh Bill, I'm sure there are other members who have way more than that and they are still being trolls in the 911 forums so don't even run over here and play the part your playing now. And is this what you do, join other conspiracy sites in order to use your position at ATS to stalk and build your ego by calling others "liars" in a public domain? I mean really, you wouldn't have known this was me had i not used my name and posted here. Just couldn't resist eh? I have seen this done before where others like your type use their position to influence others operating within the same arena. personally I view it as really pathetic Bill. Perhaps too much time on your hands or nothing better to do at home maybe. Whatever. Anyway...

On its own, you're most recent infractions (rude post, then editing out the staff warning) would not result in a ban from the site. However, given the totality if your habitual rudeness, the staff decided your time on ATS had come to a close.
I didn't "edit out" the warning. I will refrain from calling you dishonest quite simply because I have a little more respect in my old bones than you apparently do, but I did not edit out that warning and you know that! I merely posted that the Mod who posted that warning had no reason to do so. Which he didn't. There was nothing in that post he deleted that warranted any action whatsoever. If it wasn't allowed then why was the edit button open? Of course I pretty much know what you'll say about that. If you want to warn members over there of how many "complaints" they have against them then perhaps that would help members tone down their postings. However if your gonna just collect them all then use them for your own benefit or purposes whatever that may be, then it sounds like its a lop sided show over there.
When posting in forums like these many times the "tone" of the text does not come through if ment in a positive way.

On the same note that very tone can be mis-interpreted to be "rude" or smarty pants when it wasn't intended that way. However I didn't get banned, (at least not when I logged off that is) I told the offending Mod to remove my account from your servers and go have sex with himself.
Just to be honest Bill. Have a nice day.
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