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Default Re: Banned Again By ATS (Above Top Secret)

Originally Posted by Mike Lee View Post
Oh Bill, I'm sure there are other members who have way more than that...
Very few that are still active (not currently banned) members.

Quote: order to use your position at ATS to stalk and build your ego by calling others "liars" in a public domain...
Given the record of your history on the site, your representation that you, "I took a lot of care to stay within their forum rules," is not compatible with the reality/truth... and was a misrepresentation designed to cast aspersions in our general direction.

...Perhaps too much time on your hands...
If you take the time to notice, I've posted here (CC) previously in defense of lies/misrepresentations about our site, including within this thread. As such, I receive email notifications of new replies -- of which yours was the most-recent.

I didn't "edit out" the warning.
Indeed you did, as we retain a record of such things.

There was nothing in that post he deleted that warranted any action whatsoever.
Your experience on the site would indicate you should be aware that the "9/11 Conspiracies" forum is under a higher-state of scrutiny than most other forums. Logic would dictate that insults within that forum would result in action from staff.

If you want to warn members over there of how many "complaints" they have against them then perhaps that would help members tone down their postings.
Why should such a thing be needed? Certainly, if the topic is of primary importance to you, it is incumbent upon you (the poster) to maintain a tolerable degree of civility so that your ideas, concepts, theories, suppositions, and research are presented in a way that those are the focus of your post, rather than the rude style in which you chose to post.

I told the offending Mod to remove my account from your servers and go have sex with himself.
Your inability to be civil was exemplified with that. You were banned for your actions, not your ideas.
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