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Default Re: Banned Again By ATS (Above Top Secret)


Whatever... is really what comes to mind here. You, the owner of a really good website I might add, is following folks around hounding them in another forum on another website. Thats pathetic.

The action of your Mod set the precedent for what occurred afterward. I told him what I thought of his action quite simply because it was wrong, in a private messege rather than posting it in the forum. AFTER I posted in the thread "Done here. Hope you all find the truth whatever that may be". After I posted that, I had signed out then signed back in cause I received a private messege I forgot to check, which while I was checking it, your Mod post banned me for posting the "Done here" line...THAT WAS what initiated what transpired afterwards. And all of the warnings/complaints you cited means nothing if you didn't do anything about it. Its just a bunch of hot air on your behalf to make your point because without you don't have one.

As I stated in my original post here, I'm moving on. I suggest you do the same.

Mike Lee
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