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Default Re: Are the Masons evil?

In response to the first blog post, I take great offense to being called a secret society and more particularly, a Jewish one, as I am a Christian, and Freemasonry doesn't hold hold any religion above another. Every member must worship in his own way. Also, Bínai Bírith isn't a part of the Masonic family nor is it a superior hierarchy.

Barack Obama is not a Freemason.

Originally Posted by JBoy View Post
Colllin is the dictionary.. what does that have to do with Masons ????
this is a mason god. yes or no.. Collin did not invent that...nor did collin draw that.. what is ur point..
So who drew it? When was it drawn?

Originally Posted by JBoy View Post
Eisenhower was a jewish Freemason.. he murdered over 1 million germans after the peace treaty was signed...ALL over the internet.. go prove for ur self... faker. I have the story here posted. U look up and disprove
FREEMASONS EVIL>>>>MURDERS innocent Germans. Of the over million that were killed, many were children and women.. Truman just as blame..
Patton would never do that .He was a true american..
Strange that even the Germans don't seem to recall missing 1 Million people. I'm not going to read on another one of your stupid sites. If you don't want to post it that's fine, but your word means very little, as well as people like you...nutcases.

To the Boy Scout blog post, Freemasons don't promote homosexuality and we do not deny God. Politics is definitely not allowed to be discussed within the Lodge. We are made up of members of various beliefs and so for the Lodge to take up sides would cause discord among the Brethren.

I was a Boy Scout and I agree wholeheartedly with the values they teach. That is a proposterous and slanderous thing to say about the founder, Lord Baden Powell. There are Lodges named after him because of the good he did. You don't have to be a member to have a Lodge named after you.

Freemasonry is actually fairly conservative due to its requirement to be religious and, IMO, most liberals don't believe in any god or hold any religious beliefs. Its ironic that this moron tries to say Freemasonry is connected to the fascist despots of history, when in reality they were victims of their oppression and aggression.

By using logic, non-Masons are lower on the tier of knowledge than they are as they are actual members. Unless the blogger is so arrogant that he believes he is better informed than actual members. He also assumes too much as most members do research before joining.

He also assumes too much on people's souls. He is not God, nor can he define one's relationship with God. One can spew words, but its what is in their heart that matters.

And Popeye is random blogger, not a journalist.

I've done my research, I've prayed and done soul searching, and I've observed many things; Freemasonry isn't evil. So many anti-Masons are so filled with hate, I would never want to associate with them or any organization they belong to.
"Quia tu lucerna mea Domine et Domine inluminabis tenebras meas."
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