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Default Re: Masonic Shriners Pedophile Pigs

Originally Posted by KSigMason View Post
So slanderous implications are okay now?

What part of "he edited his post" don't you get? You are thick. This site is a joke, you're a joke of a moderator and human being, JBoy is a punk that needs put in his place, and this site needs torn down - not because its a conspiracy website, but because its a cesspool of one sided neurotic and paranoid ideas. Opposition comes in and you ban them for no reason other than you can. BAN ME! I DARE YOU! YOU'LL NEVER GET RID OF ME! I'LL ALWAYS BE AROUND!
What slanderous implications?

That wherein you say that I'm a joke of a moderator and human being?

What part of "he edited his post" don't you get?

He didn't edit his post.

He edited my post.

Is that what you don't get?

Your are thick.

If it is your opinion that this site is a joke, why are you here?

My moderation skills are impeccable and, if they weren't, I wouldn't be the moderator of this forum.

But, I am.

As a human being, I am not a joke.

I'm quite serious about all matters posted on this forum.

Of that you can be certain and I am certain that you are.

You reference that opposition comes in and I ban them.

Sorry, pal, but you're opposition and your're still here.

I don't ban due to opposition, I ban for other reasons.

If you don't like my moderation, I suggest you leave the forum.

I think I'm going to ban you because you dared me to.

I love a dare.

P.S. Sorry, pal, but this site doesn't need to be torn down just because you can't deal with it and I assure you that just because you think it needs to be torn down it ain't going to happen.

Happy New Year, Mr. Freemason Boy!

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