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Default Re: Masonic Shriners Pedophile Pigs

Originally Posted by KSigMason
[i]So slanderous implications are okay now?

What part of "he edited his post" don't you get? You are thick. This site is a joke, you're a joke of a moderator and human being, JBoy is a punk that needs put in his place, and this site needs torn down - not because its a conspiracy website, but because its a cesspool of one sided neurotic and paranoid ideas. Opposition comes in and you ban them for no reason other than you can. BAN ME! I DARE YOU! YOU'LL NEVER GET RID OF ME! I'LL ALWAYS BE AROUND!..


************************************************** ******
definition of punk: U dont know my age. did n't u know that punk and age are linked ???

a young hoodlum.a young person regarded as un experienced.

Im 58 yrs. old U dont even know the definition of a word i learned in 6 grade. u are a joke to behold..

All the viewers will see this and say, damn, that boy is STUPID !!!

U have never made any logical sense since u have been here, u contribute 0000 to this forum. ..TITTY BABY.
my grammar is bad.. U pure dumb ass, this is not my grammar, its the authors... i can go on and on. u are the dumbest person I have ever met
in my 58 yrs. I ve been around 6 yr.olds smarter than u..

How can someone be a dumb ass for posting...NO LOGIC.. U are in dire need of mental help. I recommend PROZAC to all masons, its a slow death.... get a life even with a BUTT buddy fellow breathen. go find homo love. U defend NOTHING.. Bring something to the table.. Masons are WHORES. If you are a mason, u are a slut and whore...are u??.. Now, get up on that 3 headed freak bitch lover of yours and ride off into the rainbow !!

U are not woman enough to put me my place. Im comfortable... plan on staying that way.

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