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Default Re: The Movie

O.K. This could work out real good.. The only voters that we have in the project at this time are those represented here now...

I propose that this, in the spirit of collaborations be divided into tasks..

1. Script.. including plot.
2. Character development (We want a wide variety of viewpoints, within the conspiracy framework.. We are not lockstep)
3. Tech support (people who have graphic and cinema skills)
4. promoters.. (people to raise awareness on the web) that ..A PROJECT IS HAPPENING.
5. Money gatherers for the project...( these guys are the key)

I am not a great organizer.. If I am correct in my faith, This project should be self organizing.. and because of that, and, We are not into this project for financial reasons.. I suspect that the NWO will put us on their shit list.. Are you ready?
for a Great confrontation?.

I am asking for volunteers to take on the responsibilities of each of the five tasks.
.. and if there are no volunteers in one of the areas.. I will do it.. This project needs to be done

It is kind of like a rock band, where I am forced to play guitar when I am best as a drummer...Hey it's O.K with me.. I don't care, I get to play in "The Band"

We are all equal here .. Henry gets the final edit...O.K?
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