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Default Representative Giffords

Be back shortly with my thoughts.

I'm back.

Needless to say, my prayers and thoughts go out to Representative Giffords; her loved ones and the loved ones of the other innocent bystanders who were needlessly murdered and injured in COLD BLOOD by a very sick individual.

The heroes in this story are the two individuals who tackled the shooter and stopped him from killing and wounding further and to Giffords' aide who used his medical skills to save her life.

Because of the two men who tackled the shooter, he was unable to turn the gun on himself and now must face the repercussions of his actions.

The nine-year old girl who was killed was born on 911; an act of terrorism and leaves this world in another act of violence.

Her father said that he is a frequent traveler and deals with the hassles of 911 at the airports and that his daughter would not want more security measures put in place due to this tragedy.

I was reading the following article about the shooter:

The article I linked states that the shooter dappled in conspiracy theories.

Let me clarify, not everyone who dabbles in conspiracy theories is a nut case.

It is said that the shooter believed that the government of the US was responsible for 911.

Let me clarify, further, for all those people who believe that 911 was orchestrated by the US government that the GOVERNMENT of the USA exists of three branches.

Executive, legislative and judicial.

These branches of government for the most part are not responsible for 911 except for some members of the executive branch, such as Dick Cheney who assisted in the MILITARY STAND DOWN on 911.

The military industrial complex and the "rogue" CIA are responsible for 911 together with other criminal elements that are not a part of the the US government.

The "rogue" CIA trains and arms terrorists around the world to commit acts of terrorism across the globe in order to incite war and for other purposes; such as monetary, power, control, etc.

And, BTW, I don't believe that the shooter acted alone.

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