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Default Re: Einstein vs Tesla - a good article explaining the flunky vs the true genius

Originally Posted by TheDroid View Post
Some pretty intriguing and thought-provoking arguments presented here.
HOWEVER, you'll need to support them with some rigorous mathematics if you want to be taken seriously.
Otherwise the arguments will just remain fanciful and entertaining ideas.
Thanks for the posting.

Thanks for posting this. I actually registered here due to reading this (1st time I've come across this site). The US knows damn well about this. They are already utilsing it, look at Haarp for example. I'm pretty sure that there is hidden technoilogy apart from what is know that is applied when it comes to HAARP. And to the perons above who said "if" they found a cure for diseases, how they would hide it.Well they already have it. Rick simpson has shown how ganja, when concentrated into an oil, can cure Cancer. If you do not agree with this method, then another method, although way more complex can cure diseases. Please do the research on a man called Dr Royal Raymond Rife. His work was surpressed (as per Tesla).
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