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Default Re: Food, Clothing,Shelter should be controlled by government.

I think Ahmed's point about money, and perhaps "the love of money being the root of all evil" is closer to the point.

Rush, the Gold standard is not the answer. The same people would end up with it eventually. Mises idea of stopping credit creation is uhh like turning off the oxygen to a deep sea diver. If every bank stopped giving out loans, the entire economy would grind to a halt fairly quickly. Wait long enough and mathematically there would be no money in existence. That is because almost all money is credit. Credit + Interest to make it inflationary.

A government regulated monetary system, and one furnished on a >non profit< basis, would not only be far better by eliminating inflation, but has a chance, a chance of being monitored by the public.

Lets assume you have a totalitarian government in power. If they are in charge of supplying the money they can either do a good job or poor job. But at least you know who to blame. If you could vote them out, you have a way to regulate the system.

Our current monetary system is out of our control, and mostly out of any government's control.

Government control of the money supply could be disasterous if you live in North Korea or any totalitarian regime. But that's already the case in large part.

Question: and this would be one a bankster would want to know. Of the Libertarian variety of monetary reforms, how do they deal with government debt? Our current system exists as a way to secure gov't debt in every country. To mask that it also furnishes just enough credit to keep Quasimodo lurching along.

Having a functioning monetary system would be pretty easy for a mildly corrupt government to regulate and manage. I suggest it would lurch along much better than the current model, more like a gov't regulated electricity grid.
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