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Default Truth Behind the Jews

After many years of deliberation and contemplation, I have come to what is really a very simple conclusion; the Jews are not merely another race on this Earth (akin to the Irish, Koreans, Russians, Africans, and so on).

Rather, they are a highly-intelligent breed of extraterrestrials. They manifested themselves on Earth countless of thousands (perhaps even tens of thousands, millions, or even still, billions and beyond) of years ago in order to manipulate and exploit our population for their gain.

Just think about it. Regardless of where you look, there is blatant pro-Jew bias. You turn on your television (which, might I mention, is also run by either the Jewish media or liberal media; in turn also run by the Jews?) and what do you see? Blatant sexism, violence, homophobia, and discrimination against just about every Race that is out there.

But if you say so much as one thing against a Jew (even in a joking sense)? Unless they have already managed to somehow assimilate you into their ranks (even in a roundabout fashion, such as through the pseudo-Judaic 'religions' of Christianity, Islam, Sikhism, and so on; where you are at the very least seen as a 'sympathiser'), you are automatically placed under watch, under a list of 'meddling goyim' to be surveilled (and, should things become too tense for them, ultimately destroyed on both this plane and the next [if any]).

The reasoning behind all of this is obvious, of course; immediately upon their descent upon our planet, their vile work began to take place. Even before the construction of Israel their numbers were great in number, not to mention their re-programming of countless amounts of people centuries before they were even born. This planet never had a chance.

They have the government over a barrel as well; they just aren't allowed to say anything about it lest the international Jew conspiracy get revealed. Even the jolly liberal Barack Obama's lips are sealed shut on the issue for the reasons mentioned just prior.

This planet is also under constant surveillance. Although I'm the only one to have spoken so freely in the public about this, they are quite thorough in their investigations. Even a year or two ago, when the pieces were just beginning to fall into place for me, I could see them shining spotlights into my bedroom window (through the curtains, of course) and the rods and mini-rods they have planted here and there; yes, even inside of my house (suffice it to say, subtlety is not one of the Jews' stronger points).Suffice it to say, if you're a Gentile, you're pretty much screwed at this point. Even if you try to leave the planet I'm sure they have security measures in place that I can't even begin to fathom. And of course they have traditional satellites in place to read your thought patterns as well. To those who think it'll make any difference, I suggest wearing tinfoil at all times to deflect the thought-sensing rays. However, I'm not nearly as optimistic.

Ultimately, the Jews want the rest of us either enslaved or dead. In a literal sense, we are in a Matrix; we are the cyborgs, they are the malevolent overlords. It's up to you if you're going to passively sit by and be their little pet or stand up and fight; but I think the preferrable choice is clear.

So now that the truth has been revealed, my days are likely numbered. I can see the lines; can you? Make your choice.

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