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Default Re: Suspect Aircraft Just Sighted Over Yeovil, Somerset.

Originally Posted by galexander View Post
I have just sighted a suspect aircraft flying over Yeovil, Somerset.

The time was around 3.20 pm today. A passenger jet airliner with four engines was going east bound at I estimate around 2,000 feet (certainly below the cloud cover) at a painfully slow speed. It looked almost like it was coming into land. However the nearest airport is Bristol some 50 kilometres away NNE. All the air traffic I have seen in the area is high altitude, i.e. +30,000 feet, and eastbound presumably to London.

As it began to disappear from sight it banked 90 degrees to the north and appeared to lose altitude as it did so. (All aircraft lose altitude when they bank unless the pilot is skilful enough to increase his power while doing so. In fact banking steeply at a low altitude can be a dangerous maneouvre.)

The last time I saw this phenomena was some months prior to 9/11 from High Wycombe, Bucks. And again it was a pretty much identical situation with respect to direction and altitude, etc.

However you never hear anything about this in the news.

What is the explanation for this curious phenomena?
Correction to the above.

The suspect aircraft at High Wycombe was heading due west, not east.

This was away from London and away from the nearest airports. The only thing that lies in that direction is an army base on the Salisbury Plains and I don't know if they have a runway there.
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