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Default Re: Suspect Aircraft Just Sighted Over Yeovil, Somerset.

Originally Posted by kirstym01 View Post
I am most definately going to ask my neighbour when I see him, I had actually forgotten about this until a family member came over last night and started talking about it, made me recall that Sunday afternoon! I still can't believe quite how low it came over Yeovil, we are used to low helicopters with Westlands in the town so wasn't too bothered about the aircraft noise until I looked out my living room window and saw it, it was huge!

I remember at the time thinking it would be in the local paper that week but nothing at all!

Why would you think it has all been kept so quiet???
I actually know a pilot of cargo planes and yes, apparently they are identical planes to the passenger aircraft.

Landing a plane of that size is not easy, they are real monsters. You need to get the correct approach first, i.e. the plane has to be perfectly lined up with the end of the runway. Then you need to adjust your altitude and speed. The 'flaps' are deployed to decrease the planes stalling velocity and then an altitude appropriate to landing is obtained.

In short this does not match the behaviour of the "Russian cargo" plane at all whose behaviour was rather erratic.

To suddenly turn at 90 degrees at such a low altitude was a risky manoeuvre and I doubt this would have lined the plane up with the end of the runway at Yeovilton.

These planes are so big it is not the same thing as landing a light aircraft at Yeovil airfield which even your granny could probably do.
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