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Originally Posted by master_wisdom View Post
something about reading your words darkens my light.
im only trying to be friendly and sharing by shedding some light of my understanding of how i perceive the world and you sound hostile rather then encouraging better understanding.
You have decided that I sound hostile because of ONE comment that I posted to you.

Okay, whatever.

This is MY comment that you reference as being hostile:

QUOTE by BlueAngel to master_wisdom:

Unless you bring it, there isn't much propaganda on this forum.

When and if there is, please, rest assured that I'll strike it down.


Yeah, my comment sounds real hostile.



I'd think you would welcome my comment inasmuch as you voiced a concern that you were hoping this forum wasn't full of opinions in response to propaganda posted on this forum and I assured you that if and when propaganda was posted on this forum, I strike it down.

If you still consider my comment to be hostile, I suggest you leave.

No need for you to subject yourself to a hostile SUPER MODERATOR and/or environment.

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