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Psychiatry is not manufactured by anyone. It holds nothing and can't really be used on anyone. Psychiatry is just the study of mental illnesses. And the mental illnesses in the field are not manufactured. There are quite a few mental illnesses that can be found on the structure of ones brain alone. From this we know by studying skulls that for as long as man has been around mental illnesses have existed. Then there's DNA tests that can determine if a brain is missing certain key elements that throw it out of wack. If you don't trust history or science, then there's the fact that even something as simple as a fever can throw someones brain into illness. How would they manufacture these? Fevers have been around for as long as we can tell so when did it happen.

1. When did they begin manufacturing these?
2. How do they manufacture these? Depression and addiction possibly, but how? It's on the person to choose their addiction and depression can be set off by anything so it isn't really man made.
3. You use found brain chemicals to measure bi-polar disorders as proof of manipulation, yet thoughts cannot be measure in a physical realm. The same could be said for bipolar. However if you did a small bit of research you would find that there are physical differences in the average brain compared to someone who suffers from bipolar disease.

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