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Default Re: The Movie

Ana.. Please choose one of the 5 areas you would like to take part in..

The fact of the matter.. With the brain power here.. The script could be done in a week.. The music score in the same time frame.. And if we have some great pimps around here, helping with the financing for the movie.. We would have it in a week. (but that is dreaming)

So let's start small.. and imagine that we can collectively put together a bunch of video cams and act out the moves and motives of the participants in our drama/forum..

Why not collect, and organize the efforts of "The Project".. in video.. shot on cams, or digital cameras (in movie mode).

The idea is to get the storyline together.. on the cheap..

We need someone who can splice the stuff together for a very low budget presentation to Money People.. Those who will put Real Money (Big Bucks) into the production.

That is the way we will get our movie .. into the mainstream.
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