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Default Re: Obama's Birth Certificate

Originally Posted by theconspiracist View Post
Very interesting, I didn't know Ann was his mother. Why didn't Obama just said that way back, that his mother was white? And, all that Birth certificate controversy could have been "put to bed"? I still thinks he is hiding something. Why he wouldn't just come out and say this, I don't know. But why lie to the American people about his status? That's just like, "Hey...I have something you people will never know. It's call a secret." But it is also call a "Lie".
It's called helping to create a conspiracy which, in turn, keeps the people distracted from the fact that AMERICA is turning into a sink hole and OBAMA isn't doing anything about it, because he can't, because he isn't in CONTROL and neither are our congressional representatives.

And, as I've pointed out, the media is to blame, as well, for helping to make Obama's citizenship a controversial/conspiratorial topic of conversation when they SHOULD know the citizenship laws of the US and could have put this issue to rest a very long time ago.

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