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Originally Posted by master_wisdom View Post
its not that i dont make sense, its that you are too stupid to understand it.hahahwhats your iq level 4 maybe 5 if lucky. my dog has more intellectual value then you and all it does is bark, way more then i can say for you.i suggest the psychiatric hospital,they would have a "SPECIAL PLACE" for you.yeah how does it feel to be special in a group full of retards.that brings a whole new meaning to the word retarded doesn't it.under the word definition of retard, your name belongs under the example go ahead ban me from posting in this forum,not like it effects me positively or negatively.just remember you started this,all i tried to do was resolve this conflict,until now.
Kindly do me a favor and cease and desist from using the word "retard."

If you cannot, you will be banned forever.

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