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Default Re: ID cards- another State power grab

Well I figured I would get some kind-of statement back from you guys! Darn, on the ID card I just don't understand all the fuss you can go on the internet and get anything you want on a person just for a fee. Everything you say on the phone can be recorded and on the computer if they so want, I guess it's just a matter of pride. I have been in the military for many years and my ID,s have chips in them, I have had DNA samples taken years ago, security clearences it's not so bad, it's become a way of life. Don't you think that we have brought this on are selves!!!! Like the Roman Empire, a fall within. I am not saying everyone but a great majority, you get upset because people are comimg through are borders and taking jobs, well lots of Americans will not do manual labor it's below them to hard I might sweat to much! Or let's sue someone because I spilled hot coffee on myself, and on and on, this is a spoiled country we have taken to much for grantied and again I am not saying everyone, are goverment wants that power the greed and oil, at the expense of others, and many Americans would rather look the other way I do believe the good will prevail in the end but there is a long road to walk people are just going to have to change.
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