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What you say is a good start, but what this thread stated, was just the tip of the iceburg!

MSG is now generally made from SOY. Soy is toxic. And is just now showing many problems.

Our own U.S. Government has know for some time, along with the Major Food Corporations and the Pharmecueticals Giants.

Health Problems from soy include ADD, ADHD, Altzhiemer, Asthma, some cancers, But hear is the major item being seen. SEXUAL AND REPRODUCTIVE PROBLEMS.

Soy effects the estrogene levels in men and women. And at the fetal and infant level is showing signs of feminization in male children and super sexing females.

Soy produces what is called phyto-estrogens i.e. (FAKE) that bind to the real estrogen and over take it. then doubles it up.

for raw data on this issue to include government cover-up to protect the industries. Drug companies make out on drugs to fix all medical problems, food producers would have to go to the real food sorces again, which would cost trillions.

you can see this data at
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