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Hi everybody (Dr Nik from the simpsons)
I am Thor a k a ThoKhan an underground lyrical mind manipulator FOR ALL the right reasons. I grew up in a cool family we got along my dad's a mad scientist my moms a shaman .. seriously .. So I went to school to learn about things I didn't have a care in the world for. I guess i've always been an outsider with many friends from all different classes. Divide and conquer never really fazed me. I was interested in the pyrimads when I was 12 which was the main reason I discovered the NWO. I thought the world was going to end in the year 2000 may 5th .. Well not really end but change in many ways. It was the 7 planet alignment that happens every 6000 years. This was the wake up call I started to question just about everything. Most of my questions were regarding the stupidity of the human race. We have all this technology and still people die from hunger all the time, meanwhile North American peeps eat more in a day than 3rd world families do in a matter of weeks. That was one of my first anti anything rhymes.

So I went on a wild 5 year ride leading up to 2000. It passed and nothing happened .. phew. It was 9-11 that really woke me up to the illuminati NWO fools .. at first I knew of them but not what they did. This fiasco just didn't seem right at all. When I heard on the news(mainstream) that they found traces of insider trading WHICH meant that someone knew the full plan.. I thought wow a smoking GUN. The story went cold and I never heard of it again... instant INTERNET search after that. It sent me to .. and the rest is history........
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