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Default Re: Homosexual Brain Research - Special People

From a personal perspective, I can't understand homosexuality, I am not homophobic, I just can't get my head around men finding men attractive, and likewise for lesbiamism.

Me neither, i am not homophobic, i have known and dealt equitably with Homosexuals, however one has to warn them of this transgressing behavior.

That's probably because my brain isn't wired that way.

It's not about the wiring Yeosha, it's simply a choice, a conscious one.

In my opinion however, homosexuals however are human beings, and should be afforded the same inaliable human rights as everyone else.
I can't disagree with you here, demonizing, attacking, or belittling the sinners does no good, it only alienates them and diminshes any hope remaining in straightening them back to normal.

But i have to say also that a linient response, or an apathetic one will encourage the sinners to further spread their disease. God commands us to forbid evil.

[3:104] Let there be a community of you who invite to what is good, advocate righteousness, and forbid evil. These are the winners.

Which simply means that if the Heterosexuals didn't raise their voices against transgression (without insults however) gradually evil will spread and become the Norm, that happened with free-sex, pornography, abortion, ...etc

What they do is surely up to them, just don't involve me in your little gay world.
If we don't forbid this evil publicly, it will soon involve us in it.
God\'s alternative, USN

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