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I recently had this strange occurence. I was probably on my way to sleeping, thinking some kind of deep thought. I think it was along the lines of geopolitics and where the world was going. That's all I remember though.......
I recall getting answers to questions running through my head. It seemed as though I had a revelation. I was one step away to "knowing" something and that's when this pin prick of light
got larger and than covered the inside of my closed eyes , it was an image of a face. It wasn't evil or nice looking. It just appeared and
I was shocked back into being wide awake??

I than thought about the CIA
( NAZI 3rd , 4th and 5th reich's??) ,remote viewing and psychic spying techniques.
Now this is off the wall maybe there are studies done about this BUT wouldn't this CIA tool give the NWO crowd a leg up on any PRO-freedom group?
They could have a remote viewing session for the most influencial anti-nwo movement and try to stop it before it gains too much steam.
I think Gary Webb was on to more names being exposed. God bless his soul.

I am not 100% on this subject but it could explain some of my own experiences.

"Marrs's research has made him very unpopular with the US establishment, and, on some occasions, steps have been taken to suppress his revelations. In 1995, "The Enigma Files", Marrs's expos of the covert use of remote viewing and psychic spying techniques, was mysteriously prevented from publication.

Marrs was informed that the decision had been taken at the suggestion of a lawyer. Not only was Marrs not allowed to speak to the lawyer responsible, but the publisher told him that nothing could be done as the injunction had been ordered from a higher corporate level."
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