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Default Re: What Your Not Being Told

I think you might be on the wrong forum my friend,lol. This is the ultimate Orwellian perversion of our time. It's time people awakened to the fact that nature or 'God's' plan for a peaceful society is be ruined by criminals. People are not taught about their higher self, their true nature, instead we allow a small band of corrupt Doctors in the know to brainwash an entire industry into believing lies about severe brain damage and permanent conditions being ok. It is not...

Also that people are not empaths, never mind the 1% being full empaths. Not to mention the other even more incredible gifts. Exploring different realms with one's mind. Which we can all tap into via the third eye, the Pineal Gland.

Please check out the material on the blog my friend asap, I will also be adding more over time.
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