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You fill me up when I'm empty
You rest my soul when it's tired
You give me strength when I'm weak
And, all I can do is admire

You wipe my tears when I'm hurting
You fuel my engine when I'm grounded
You give me hope when I'm saddened
You never cease to astound me

And, yet, all I can do is admire

You open me up when I'm closed
You stitch me back together when I'm not whole
You heal my wounds
You fill my heart
Your words give me voice
You are my star

I look to sky to find you
I see you shining bright
You fill my days with sunshine
and my nights with a guiding light

You are the one
The one I see
when I can't see me

when I can't find my way
when I stray back to the past

you are there
putting me back on course

walking a straight path
right along side me

never wavering
never leaving
never breaking our vows

cause you mean as much to me than
as you do now

You are my knight in shining armor
and on a black horse you ride
swooping me up into your saddle
while I wrap my legs around you and, together,
we travese this world in style

You, you are the one I admire
never ceasing to astound me with your forgiving smile
wrapping your arms around me
while we traverse this world in style
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