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Default Re: The NWO is "not real"

Here is a filmed made by LibertyDefender84 showing what I believe to be a military or 'police state' operation on how they would execute the NWO or the Depopulation process.

It happened during the Toronto G20 of course not all was ever broadcast on the news.

To summarize the film states how in some cases members of 'Black Block" and similar extreme protest groups will sometimes contain police they did in Montreal as reported. The officers are seen on amateur video watching the extremists bust out windows, lighting fires while only feet away and this carried on for over 25+ blocks.

Once the 'rioters' reach Queens Park they disrobe their black attire and disperse into the crows. Then and only then when the officers have their excuse do they start to beat innocent and I mean innocent people as the film shows. They also held them hostage, performed snatch and grabs, sexually assaulting women, media members of government lawyers all caught in the crossfire.

Looked very similar to how the Nazi's began the holocaust on a smaller scale.

1. Government incite a incident blaming certain individuals to make their force justifiable on that "guilty" party
2. Citizens lose rights (martial law)
3. Hunt and Gather
4. Detain citizens

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