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Default Re: The NWO is "not real"

Originally Posted by Out of the Box View Post
The "Holocaust" is a hoax, at least most of it. You shouldn't compare something that's real and done by the NWO with exaggerated propaganda claims by the NWO about their enemies.
I'll just ask what part of the genocide of WWII do you believe to be a hoax?

I will say I don't believe in the whole reptile people biz and certain things that Icke or Jones have to say but some of these events past or present clearly make you say why?

Don't get me wrong depopulation would be a insane task to execute. Not only the fact of people needed, and what to do with them and their families afterward, but who will assume different roles needed to fill the void of the dead and so on. That being said Depopulation is not a new theory, and has been debated or discussed on many reliable newscasts, or interviews from reputable media FEMA camps and the camps globally being renovated or built are real, the EXACT purpose not really known except for some claiming to house illegal aliens, or using them in event of a terrorist attack, or major disaster but why not used these staffed camps for prison overflow for example? and a lot of these facilities can house thousands to the hundreds of thousands or more some have military vehicles or trains present I believe all (I've seen 15 total) have rail access, one major road and some with very nearby airstrips not airports but regardless. The grounds are surrounded by huge fields bordered by inward pointing (outside / inside ) barbwire fences built to keep whatever in not out lol, and I've also seen the job postings on the National Guard and United States Army website for relocation/internment officers check out for yourself..... over 800 'camps' in the states and now they're springing up in BC, Ontario, etc. again I don't know why they exist I'm just saying why do they is all. What really startled me is when Glen Beck was on a show stating how he wanted to debunk these camps and told his colleagues on the panel that he couldn't. That they were real. As I said he didn't claim what there were for but that they existed and actually was going to air his report that very night, he also seemed very sure of his statements BUT that story never aired and all of a sudden he changed his tune entirely and told the world via his own show that the camps didn't exist and I believe he did a report on that instead, reluctantly ...You can find all of that in archives or YouTube as well

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