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Default Re: The Elephant In The Room

Originally Posted by ElephantInRoom View Post
More and more "conspiracy" is becoming anything but as the wicked truth comes out years later...

Isn't that how it always is?

I am interested to see what nuggets I will find here.

Cheers to your survival through the decline of modern America and the rebirth of something...
It's coming...believe it. And it's closer than ever.
I am sure it will at the very least continue in slow decline.
I have been asking myself these questions over the past 5 years and my partner and I have put together a website with all the research we have been doing ,the website has only been started over the last few weeks so i would be grateful for any input, feel free to have a look and hopefully you will find it interesting. My aim is to try to collate as much interesting videos which will ask the most important questions. We are living in such an amazing time.
My website is Global Conspiracy
I would be interested in any views.

Global Conspiracy
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