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Wink Re: The Earth is NOT Moving! You're not moving!!!

This is what's happening right at this moment:

Not only is the Earth moving but every single thing (literally everything!) in the universe is moving at any given (relative) time specified. The Earth is orbiting the sun, the sun is orbiting the galaxy (always on the move and one orbit every 250,000,000 years or so!). Our galaxy is being pulled into the Virgo Supercluster of galaxies. (Look towards Virgo; That's where we're headed!) The Virgo Supercluster is on the move too. The further away a galaxy is the quicker it is moving. And for the icing on the cake: Space is and has always been expanding! So the distance between two incredibly far galaxies or clusters is being stretched by space as well, even without the effect of gravity.

To put it another way, not only is Earth on the move, but it has never really occupied the same point in space! You would think it does once a year, but this can't be the case when you have different levels of movement, in different directions, at any given time.

You could always go back to reading books on unicorns or you could get real and help mankind develop into a premier intellectual being; and I mean far beyond what we are today. Future generations (and I mean a hell of a long time from now!) might be thankful to you for all kinds of reasons, like contributing indirectly (by advancing human knowledge, wellbeing etc etc) to developing cures, better technologies; like breaking out of the combustion (hydrocarbon) fixation not just for environmental reasons, but for the sake of having next generation fuels, transport etc. hello!

If you take away your iphones, battery operated portable foot-massage devices, fancy cars etc etc, we're pretty much living in the dark ages still! Human ingenuity and the potential for us to amaze even the dopiest of aliens that lets say, one day visit us on this beautiful mobile(!) planet, has not been reached and will continue to be where it is if we don't kick ourselves in the backside and really excel in as many fields as we can.

As for wasting time and believing in fairytales etc. Well I guess we'll remain a stagnant and stubborn race of beings in an ever changing and mobile universe!
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