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Default Re: Who Killed Kennedy - The CoverUP

Don't bother with some JFK sites as they are opposed to any type of out-of-the-box comments on the assassination. They will just cancel or threaten to delete your account when they don't like what you have to say - morons! Or you could tell them where to go!

The JFK assassination data can be divided into three groups:

1. The Method, or Means: How was the president killed? Shot by several shooters. Oswald played a part but if you follow his travels, timing and reaction, he was on the move and heading to Jack Ruby's (the man that later shot Oswald) house! - probably a safe-house. Oswald (unlike most involved) wouldn't have realized until just after the shooting (even if he did it and was one of the shooters) that something was not quite right and that he may have been framed as the (only) one involved.

Others coordinated the set of circumstances that led to the assassination. And yes, they were present in the plaza. The infamous umbrella man and his 'Cuban' friend were very suspicious! Several people in the plaza were seen casually strolling away a minute after the last shot, while people were alarmed, shocked and moving in all kinds of directions, trying to get away from the plaza or investigating what might have occurred behind the picket fence etc. How did the casual strollers know that more shots weren't going to ring-out? What about the significance of such an attack? Their reactions are bizarre.

2. The Motives: Why was he killed?

Where does one start? One of the main problems with this is that theorists have thought one group and another are mutually exclusive (it had to be x not y). Not true. What would have occurred is a highly skilled, covert (not the core of the CIA as this could not officially be sanctioned) team from different (technical, motivational and ethnic) backgrounds conspired to kill JFK. Some would have been contracted and others would have done it because of sheer dedication.

Kennedy wanted to pull-out or not have an attacking force in Vietnam. He fired the head of the CIA Allen Dulles and wanted to overhaul the CIA and perhaps other secretive government organizations. Having perhaps a Catholic, liberal President, that believed in an open and transparent government (at perhaps all levels!) did not sit well with the establishment and hidden-ruling force(!) at that time. Cuba is always a possibility but I don't buy it. The assassination was more to do with what certain Americans felt and thought.

But the biggest mistake to make is that one group exclusively was involved. If you try and classify things too much you might end up skewering your assumptions and conclusions. It's possible that one person involved was Cuban and affiliated with right-wing ideals related to government, wars etc. But another person involved may have been Cuban and affiliated with Castro-like communist propaganda. It's also possible that some mafia type character had ties to the CIA, but went rogue etc etc etc! You can draw a ven diagram to quantify all kinds of characteristics and qualities of people associated with such a daring operation.

3. The Men (and women!) Involved: Who killed him? The shooters may have been professional contractors form France, but it may well have included Oswald. The Warren Commission points the finger at Oswald, but their credibility on several other issues is highly suspect and this may rule out Oswald, as a shooter, too. It technically would in some of the courts today.

Several postings on other sites claim that Ruth Payne, who got Oswald the job at the TSDB the month before, and who helped Oswald and his family with support and accommodation etc, may have been involved somehow. They also claim she had a family background of CIA contractors etc. I don't buy this myself. They also have detailed information on several others that knew Oswald and Ruby. But what I like to focus on is the highly trained 'normal-looking' people at the plaza that would have had some role to play in the whole saga, even if it was for surveillance of others there; who was doing, saying what, who was taking pictures, who looked in a certain direction just after the shootings etc etc.

The impression one gets of a professional contractor (even one that's there for surveillance) or operative especially in the 50s and 60s is a suited-up male with conservative appearance. But why would you never suspect several of the so-called witnesses in the plaza, as having some role to play in the 'assignment'? Having some specific job to do. Just look at some of the photographs taken that day. What are the chances of several men from different backgrounds scoping a small area (for a suspected bullet penetration and fragments) with hands in their pockets! There are several photos of this. An operation of this magnitude would entail real covert action on all fronts. The groups were trained to go beyond the norm. They do and they did fit-in nicely that day. Well to most they did.

The number of suspicious deaths is over 100 in the years proceeding the assassination and several deaths were coincidently just prior to testimonies etc. Deaths of Witnesses Connected to the assassination of John F. Kennedy (click on the links too). The six degrees of separation in some of those deaths are tragic and mind-boggling!

And why does someone like me care about what happened back then on the other side of the world? Because it was a paradigm in history that meant we were going in one direction or the next. A team of highly skilled, dedicated individuals made sure we ended up heading in the one direction.
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