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Default Re: Book of Revelations

this may sound a little crazy, but if it sounds any more crazy than the chapter in the bible titled revelations let me know.

on money, not every bill is the same. for example, lets say you look at a bunch of different 100 dollar bills. a lot of them have different looking foreheads. kind of like they put different symbols, or just different looks to each of their foreheads. weird right?

any way. it's like that on a lot of the bills. seriously im not even kidding. go to the bank and ask for a few of any of the bills where their heads are big enough to get a clear look at their foreheads (not $1 bills). literally check it out

does it have any real significant meaning to it? who knows. maybe who ever made revelations was part of a secret society that would later make money with different foreheads. maybe they did it to mess with our minds.

another interesting thing to note. is that on the back of the $1 bill, theres an all seeing eye on top of a pyramid. and if you hold a $100 bill to the light, benjamin franklins left eye is lined up with the clock on the building
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