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Default Re: Book of Revelations

another thing to note is the art on the money is that on the one dollar bill
its plants on the bottom of the circle outlining washingtons face. and a pillar on top.
on the back of money its an all seeing eye on a pyramid. and on the other side theres a bird

honsetly. i think the whole revelations story was made up ages ago by a secret society who later would lead us to believe that us humans are going to get mixed, or made 0 ONE 0 with technology. when realistically speaking, it's impossible because we're living, breathing, reroducing, eventually dying species.

you can't turn a microchip into a living thing. nor can a living thing become a microchip. just like you can't make a natural thing unnatural, but you sure can lead it (humans) to believe theyre already, or going to become something unnatural.

something to else to note, in the bible it says that Jesus comes back and sayys he's alpha and omega, the beginning in the end

and that there'll be a mark of the beast in the forehead. the mind if made of omega's, alpha linoleic acid being one of them.
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